Praxis & Klinik in Böblingen – oral and maxillofacial surgery & dentistry

Dear Patient,

Since we started in the year 2002, we have successfully treated more than 90,000 patients, and have placed well over 16,000 dental implants; we performed approximately 20,000 dental procedures and oral-facial surgeries under general anesthesia (unconscious) or IV-sedation (conscious) in our oral and maxillofacial clinic and dental practice. From day one committed to our core promise, being:

“As personal as a practice –
as safe as a clinic.”

When we started, the decision was made to go with a completely new concept, very unique at the time and one among the first in Germany. Since then many have picked up this successful concept, on the practice and clinic idea, which encourages us even more each day to pursue our path.

As specialists, we assure to be competent partners for patients and referring dental and medical colleagues a like. We provide conjointly treatment for dental implants, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry and aesthetic facial surgery, also the treatment of complex cases including anxiety (full restoration under sedation).

Full anesthesiologist team under our roof

Our state-of-the-art operating rooms and our fully trained anesthesia team not only provide for oral facial interventions: other medical specialties, such as, for example, Ophthalmologists, know their patients are very well cared for in our hands.

We do not differentiate and treat all patients, with or without insurance, if you need us we are there for you.
Praxis & Klinik is handicap accessible via elevator.
During your stay in Praxis & Klinik we provide 27 free parking spaces with elevator access to our patients in our underground parking garage.
All areas of Praxis & Klinik provide free Wi-Fi access. Our front desk will provide you with our daily access code.
We are multilingual. Feel free to give us a call.
Of course we care for the little ones, a diaper-changing room is available.