There is a desire in patients that surgical procedures are painless and relaxed. There are various reasons to be in need of a:

  • local anesthesia
  • sedation (conscious)
  • deep sedation (unconscious)

The last two procedures are the tasks of our anesthesiologist department. Sedation methods needed in certain procedures depend on the medical requirements for the intervention and/or the wishes of the patient.

The wishes of our patients play a very important role in carrying out an operation in our practice.

The administration of anesthesia is the responsibility of Dr. med. Anton Klaus Spitzer MD, our certified anesthesiologist. He and his team provide full comprehensive medical care for our patients.

In addition, his team also provides anesthesia for the ophthalmological practices
(cataract and more operations)

  • Dr. Eckert and Dr. Kemmerling, Sindelfingen as well as
  • Dr. Kriegsbaum Böblingen.

In Sindelfingen we are responsible for orthopedic, accident and general surgery

  • Dr. Frey, Dr. Rieger, Dr. Marx and Prof. Dr. Hesse

In Tuttlingen the dental practice of

  • Dr. Weinmann