Bone Grafting and Augmentation


There are many causes that can lead to a loss of jawbone. These include, for example, periodontal disease, accidents, badly fitting dentures, etc. The result is an insufficient bone supply for a dental implant. Bone grafting allows to build proper support of dental implants otherwise it will shorten the life span of the implant or it will not be possible to place a dental implant at all.

In the past, the creation of sufficient bone structure conditions was a complicated procedure, as the missing bone was taken from the pelvis, calvarium or knee and transplanted to the appropriate location.

Now highly specialized minimally invasive surgical techniques make it possible to get by with far less bone material taken from the lower jaw.

A safe and fast way by using your own-bone

By not using bone substitute materials, we guarantee the utmost safety for you. Another nice side effect is that placing dental implants into autogenous bone structures are possible after only 3 months.