Motor learning


We feel healthy when we are physically, mentally and socially in a good balance. Each person has many individual abilities to maintain that fluid balance.

We have developed these abilities by exploring our possibilities of movement and building our relationships from birth to ourselves – and each of us can learn how to use this unique and permanent learning ability of the human brain for life.

To facilitate repetitive tasks, we also develop various patterns throughout our lives (movement patterns, posture patterns, thought patterns, patterns of behavior, chewing patterns, etc.). However, when these patterns become too rigid, inflexible, and cramped, they limit our ability to think and respond appropriately in a variety of situations. Long-lasting one-sided stress, whether physical or mental, increases the tension and disturbs our balance – so we are literally taken out of balance.

Only if we succeed in returning to a good muscular balance as soon as possible we prevent the “functional” impairments of posture and movement from “structurally” impaired, eg. B. bony changes.

Dentistry is particularly affected by this dynamic: The freedom of our temporomandibular joints is directly dependent on the free balance of the whole skeleton. Any restriction can therefore lead to disorders of the temporomandibular joint (cracking, pain) or even to changes in the teeth (tooth movement, wear and tear). The muscular tensions responsible for this are known in technical jargon as “craniomandibular dysfunctions”.

In our course, we want to show you how you can expand your own leeway and move towards more well-being, a more stable inner balance and better health.

Through small, gentle movements and attentive observation of contexts we can simultaneously

  • refine our perception
  • physically more flexible
  • become spiritually alive and mobile

this way, we also create the prerequisites for our previous patterns, whether physical, psychological, social, conscious, or unconscious, to become more variable and more versatile.

Courses every other Monday at 7pm.
No courses during German school holidays.


Praxis & Klinik für Kiefer & Gesicht
Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee 25
71034 Böblingen


Group lesson 20,– Euro
Day seminar 110,– Euro

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes, warm socks and curiosity …