Oral surgery

What are specialists for Oral and maxillofacial surgery?

There are some medical fields, among others, dedicated to facial surgery. But there is only one that specializes in: oral-jaw-facial surgery.

Specialists for oral-maxillofacial surgery obtain a high- level of expertise especially towards treatments of complex facial and jaw structures. Their education includes the study of human medicine and dentistry, as well as a five-year clinical post grad internship in oral maxillofacial surgery.

Following, they can obtain an additional title for “plastic and aesthetic surgery” which requires another two-year internship.

This high qualification makes the oral and maxillofacial facial surgeon a number one contact for diagnosing and treating almost all diseases, injuries, deformities or changes may it be oral, jaw or facial.

In addition to the classical fields of work, the interlinking of dental and surgical competence (bone and soft tissue management, surgical hygiene) has proved to be particularly advantageous.