Pediatric Dentistry


When baby teeth are inflamed or have a cavity, your child may develop disturbed eating habits, speech problems, tooth positioning defects, tooth decay on permanent teeth, enamel defects on permanent teeth and health problems (including valvular heart disease …).

Is a regular dental treatment of your child not possible because it may be painful, rejection out of fear, bad previous dental experiences, or poses risks to infants because of unpredictable movements, restauration in general anesthesia (sleep like state) would be the method of choice.

Especially young children with severe decayed teeth, a treatment in anesthesia would be the most suitable way to a cavity-free dentition and the first step to further anxiety-free dental treatments.

A special feature to our Praxis & Klinik für Kiefer & Gesicht is having our own anesthesia department integrated under one roof. We bring the experience of over 20,000 administered sedations using modern state of the art hospital standard equipment.

This creates maximum safety for your child. When the sedation is submitted, a caregiver usually remains in the room until the child sleeps. It is also of particular importance to the child during the waking and monitoring phase that the accompanying person is by their side.