During an analgesic sedation we administer medications, those will bring you into a relaxed state and have a pain relieving affect. Time passes subjectively faster and you remain cooperative. A sleep state should not be reached (otherwise that would be a general anesthesia without the associated safety).

We use Propofol and Remifentanyl, both extremely well-controllable and pleasant substances, which are administered under surveillance monitoring as long as the procedure lasts. We do not use valium derivatives such as midazolam (Dormicum).

These remedies often take the conscious memory, although the experience is stored in the subconscious and they also affect you much longer than the Substances listed above. However, the effort of administration and monitoring of propofol and remifentanyl is higher and therefore also the price.

What kind of anesthesia procedure is suitable for you, you may discuss with the anesthesiologist in advance. Basically, one can say: who would like to have a procedure simply more comfortable, but could also cope with a pure local anesthesia an analgesic sedation is ideal. Anyone who does not want to hear anything going on during the procedure, would be better advised to go with General Anesthesia.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our anesthesia team.