Eat like before, laugh and talk without hesitation, just like prior to your tooth loss. A dental implant is an artificial root, the implant will fuse with the jawbone. After the fusing process, known as osseointegration, abutment posts are inserted into the implants to allow for the permanent attachment of the replacement teeth such as crowns or dentures.


The tooth feels like your own, it looks like your own – and it will stay that way.


The implantation is carried out exclusively by specialists for oral and maxillofacial surgery, who have completed a complete study of human medicine, dentistry and then a 5-year specialist training at renowned German university hospitals.

Our specialists are experienced and certified in implantology and members of scientific societies German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, German Society of Implantology, Federation of Implantology Dentists and have committed to the continuous training and compliance with the guidelines of professional societies. They are specialists in placing dental implants.


The integration of anesthesia specialists into our team offers the possibility of treatment under general anesthesia and a good sense of security, on-demand pain relief and relaxation before and after surgery. Our Anesthesiologist and his trained staff ensure uninterrupted treatment, monitoring and care during and after the surgery, commensurate with the procedure and state of health.


The affiliated clinic for jaw & face offers you the possibility of the safety and comfort of a daily or inpatient care, especially in the case of major interventions.

The higher quality requirements placed on a clinic with regard to hygiene and the personnel, instrumental and structural requirements are not only fulfilled, but exceeded.

For example, the equipment and material preparation and storage are carried out according to the standardized procedures of a quality management system including process documentation. The operating rooms meet the highest demands on medical air quality and are therefore approved for bone surgery of any kind.

Quality assurance:

The quality management is certified according to DIN / ISO 9001. Our high quality of processes is constantly checked by the independent Hygiene Institute of the University Tuebingen, so we can guarantee you hygiene standards that are well above those required by law for dentists and doctors.


If the jawbone is too narrow or shallow for implantation, bone must be built up. For this we use your own bone, which can be taken in most cases out of your jawbone itself. It is perfused after healing, lives and thus has defenses against inflammation in contrast to the dead bone substitute material. The exclusive use of the patient’s own bone usually ensures best healing within a very short time and excludes the residual risk of transmission of infectious diseases and intolerance reactions, in contrary to using bone substitute material of animal origin.


Our estimates include all eventualities and will not be exceeded.

5-year warranty:

For the loss of a dental implant within the first 5 years, we offer a free replacement. Prerequisite is the use of the professional implant cleaning and checkup once a year by us and the use of the recommended professional prophylaxis cleanings (at least twice a year) with us or your dentist.

Just in case:

Patients cared for by us can reach us, 24/7, 365 days a year, during the postoperative period.

Origin of the implants:

We only use original implants from internationally known and scientifically recognized implant manufacturers, a high quality and worldwide supply for decades are guaranteed.

This we guarantee.