Hilotherm cooling mask


We want to provide you with optimal care not only before and during the procedure, but also after surgery. Therefore, we have decided to offer you the most advanced therapeutic cooling system available worldwide.

The Hilotherm device is a unique thermotherapy system that differentially meets the physiological requirements of various postoperative healing processes and opens up a broad spectrum of effects. In injured or traumatized tissue, edema and hemorrhage significantly hinder the supply of oxygen and nutrients. This leads to circulatory disorders and inflammation-induced overheating. Hilotherm uses a temperature that is perfect for the damaged area of ​​the tissue to help your metabolism, to “dispose” of dead cells and proteins, and accelerate the healing process.

Benefits for you

Used post OP, swelling and hematomas can be significantly reduced or even completely prevented.
The intake of pain relievers can be reduced to a minimum or is may not necessary at all.
The anatomically shaped cushions allow permanent and constant cooling, which a conventional coolant (ice bag …) can’t achieve.

So, stay with us a bit after your surgery, cool down and relax!