Dental implants

Dental implants

With traditional dentures, the desire for natural function, safety and aesthetics can most likely not be fulfilled. The most comfortable and natural solution are dental implants. New roots where tooth roots ones used to be!

Dental implants for a firm fixation

Implants are artificial tooth roots with small diameters (about 4 mm) and lengths (about 10 to 12 mm). These are implanted in the jawbone, after they fused with your bone, crowns, bridges or dentures may be attached. This eliminates the need to preparade healthy teeth to secure bridges. Also, dentures no longer need to be relined, as the jawbone will be obtained by the dental implants.


Conventional implants have been made of titanium for over 4 decades, a long-proven medical material. For some years now implants made of zirconia ceramic are gaining more and more access to implantology, a very bio compatible material.

We offer both solutions.


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