Quark wraps

Quark (German dairy product) against inflammation and swelling

Quark wraps are a well-known German home remedy that can be used against various inflammations, injuries and in particular as swelling prophylaxis after surgery. Quark reduces swelling, is anti-inflammatory, pain reducing and provides a pleasant cool feeling. Quark contains casein (phosphoric acid) and this brings the pathologically altered metabolism motor back up and running, because it has an “pulling” effect and works against inflammation.

Quark wrap has always been Granny’s first aid during a sunburn. But even with insect bites, arthritis and sprains Quark wraps are quite helpful.

How to apply a Quark wrap:

The quark wraps are made from ordinary (supermarket) quark. There are 2 ways to apply a quark wrap.

  • Either apply the quark in a layer approx. 50mm thick directly onto the skin and additionally cool with a gel pad wrapped in a damp cloth.
  • Or you apply the quark in a 50 mm thick layer to a damp compress, which you then fold over, so that the quark is inside, like in a pocket. This pocket can now be used on the affected body parts. Once the curd is warm, it should be replaced and renewed. To increase the effect, you can also use a cooling gel pad, these are also wrapped in a cloth. The cooling gel pads should only have refrigerator temperature (about 46 – 50 °F).

As swelling prophylaxis after surgery:

As a rule, it is recommended to use it on the day of the operation and the following 2 days about 30 minutes, 3 to 6 times a day. The actual cooling should be done additionally.

For inflammations:

The duration during an inflammation is 30 minutes, 5 – 10 times a day. Swelling and redness are reduced significantly by the use of Quark wraps usually after only a few applications. In addition, it is recommended to cool with gel pads (refrigerator temperature max 46 – 50 °F).