It’s your face!


This is the reason why the professional qualification of your Surgeon should be your priority. Advertising “titles” such as, “cosmetic surgery” and many more, are not protected by law; Everyone can call themselves a “cosmetic surgeon”, regardless of their actual qualifications and experience!

Only three specialist name designations are protected by law and stand for a well-founded, several-year education and experience in aesthetic plastic surgery:

  1. The Specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery (the only specialist who may use the term face in his state-recognized professional title: those are the specialists for your face, you should be looking for!)
  2. The “ENT specialist, plastic surgery”
  3. The “Plastic Surgeon”

Even the common, serious-sounding term “institute” is not protected, only the term “clinic” stands for a corresponding standard in Germany.

In our specialized specialist clinic, you will be examined, advised and treated exclusively by experienced specialists.

When you are thinking about improving your appearance, you want to make sure that the individuality of your face is preserved, that you look unoperated, that you receive a natural, youthful and friendly non-frowning look.

Maybe you are missing before / after pictures? Those pictures were banned by lawmakers in Germany to be posted on a website. Their use is only allowed in the context of an individual consultation, including a discussion of the individual prognosis and individual risks. The examination and individual consultation takes place in a personal conversation between you and your treating specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery.

Treatment options:

Plastic rhinoplasty, ear-pinning and shaping plastic, eyelid eyebrow sculpting, brow lift, face lift, laser wrinkle smoothing, wrinkle injections, Botox treatment of dynamic wrinkles and sensible combinations of these procedures. We are particularly specialized in the corrective treatment of noses with larger humps as well as so-called hooded eyes and bags under the eyes.

Step by Step:

  1. Examination and detailed personal consultation by our specialist
  2. Information and education about the treatment methods and options in question
  3. Joint planning of the desired changes
  4. Written pre-treatment-estimate
  5. Perform the treatment under local, sedation or general anesthesia
  6. Post OP care
  7. Finalizing consultation

Pain management:

Most treatments can certainly be performed under local anesthesia or, if desired, under general anesthesia. Only a few surgical procedures, such as Face Lift or nose surgery must definitely be carried out under general anesthesia.

The surroundings:

After a Face Lift or jaw-reconstruction-surgery we recommend a hospitalization in our clinic for 1–2 nights, all other procedures can, if you are otherwise healthy, be treated as outpatient surgery.

Important to know:

For medical and health non- necessary treatments, you cannot receive a sick-slip by German law, it is advisable to plan enough vacation days (time varies depending on the procedure from 3 days to 3 weeks). Even if these treatments serve your well-being, their costs will not be covered by any health insurance.