Apicoectomy “root end surgery”


Root resection also known as retrograde root canal treatment is usually the last attempt to obtain an infection from the root canal system after an unsuccessful root canal treatment.

When does it become necessary?

Root resection surgery needs to be performed in case of an inflammation on the tip of your root, for cysts around the root apex, persistent pain after conventional root canal treatment, when the nerve channels are not fully accessible from the top and after post has been placed.

How does it work?

About 5mm of the very root tip hold innumerable tiny nerve deltas, which can be difficult to reach during a classical root canal treatment. It is important to eliminate this reservoir of nerve degradation products and bacteria during a resection, those often come along with a post-infection cyst that also needs to be removed.

The simplest type of treatment is the shortening of the root tip. But that alone is not enough. Since no degradation products and bacteria should enter your body through the tooth and with it cause a renewed inflammation, the root canal system must be closed from the root bottom with a so-called retrograde root filling.

In our clinic we provide state of the art surgery by using a surgical microscope to ensure the greatest possible result. It provides the best view and enlargement of the operating area; the success rate can be significantly increased.

How do you know if the treatment was successful?

About 6 months of after the procedure we will take an x-ray, best case scenario we will find a complete healed bone and a full regeneration of the surgical cavity.

Is the procedure performed under local or general anesthesia?

Normally, the procedure (takes about 10-30 minutes depending on the tooth) is performed in a local anesthesia.

However, we will clarify all possibilities of a relaxed operation during a consultation prior to the operation to discuss which treatment option is best for you. From general anesthesia to sedation (similar to dosing off) to treatment in hypnosis, we offer many possibilities.